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I’m the author of over 24 romance novels, diving deep into the contemporary romance genres of mafia, hockey, and football. I, Zoe Beth Geller, am known for captivating hearts and mastering suspense. My mafia romances are filled with unexpected plot twists and thrilling surprises that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

But my literary journey doesn’t just end with the allure of danger and power. I also explore the vibrant world of sports, crafting enthralling hockey and football romances. My stories always aim to score a touchdown or shoot a hat trick with my audience, ranging from steamy to spicy in tone.

Living in Southwest Florida, I absolutely love the sun-kissed life with my loving family. When I’m not busy spinning romantic yarns, I cherish family get-togethers, enjoy the playful company of my two cherished labs, and indulge in a well-brewed espresso. Every story I write is an invitation to adventure, offering readers a chance to escape into worlds of passion and excitement.

Step into My Universe: Where Crime Has Never Been This Seductive!

I’m Zoe Beth Geller, a romance author with a knack for storytelling, especially when it comes to the thrilling world of mafia romance. With over 24 romance books under my belt, I’ve made my mark in the contemporary mafia romance genre. My tales are designed to captivate hearts while keeping readers glued to the pages with unexpected plot twists and thrilling surprises.

In my Volkov Bratva series, I invite readers into the captivating world of the Volkov brothers, heirs to a vast Russian mafia empire that spans from the snowy streets of Belarus to the bustling lanes of New York City, and the mysterious alleys of London. This series, featuring at least three books, is packed with drama, romance, and the intense life of duty and loyalty that my characters navigate. The first book, “King’s Promise: An Arranged Marriage Romance,” focuses on Nikolay, who enters into an arranged marriage as part of his duty, while the second book, “Brutal Promise,” continues the saga with another compelling storyline.

Meanwhile, The Micheli Mafia series tells a gripping story about the search for a long-lost father in its debut book, “Italian King.” Though the plot details of this series may not be as widely known as those of the Volkov Bratva series, it promises to plunge readers into the dark, dangerous, yet utterly enthralling world of the mafia, interlaced with romance and a quest for power or redemption.

Both series showcase my ability to intertwine the dark allure of the mafia world with the tender, often complex, emotions of romance. Through meticulously crafted characters and complex plotlines, I aim to provide a reading experience that not only entertains but also leaves a lasting impact on the hearts and minds of my readers.

The Micheli Mafia

This is a five-book series of intrigue and suspense and takes place in Italy. Book 1 starts with kidnapping an art student to be used as leverage in a bargain for a port. Each book features another brother as they fall in love while on their mission to resolve threats to their empire.

  • Italian King – Dante and Juliet
  • Dirty Vengeance- Sal and Francesca
  • Dirty Bargain-Marchello and Prende
  • Dirty Born- Massimo and Valentina
  • Dirty Deals- Riccardo and Liat

Volkov Bratva

Three brothers are left to rule one empire after the devastating loss of their father. In book 1, Nikolay has to honor an arranged marriage to merge two Russian mafia’s. This has a series arc as the brothers fight unknown enemies, culminating in a showdown in book 3. There are bangs, shootouts, plot twists, suspense, and spice in this series.

  • King’s Promise-Nikolay and Anya
  • Brutal Promise-Dmitry and Izzy
  • Sinful Promise- Roman and Dasha

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