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Seriously, book 1 is Travis and Rose before Travis and Taytay, so let’s see how this one predicts the future. Oliver is in love with his ex—as in obsessed. He and his brother come up with a brilliant plan for him. Take a fake fiancée to the wedding. Oliver hopes his ex returns to him, but his brother was happy to see her go. So what happens when they show up for swanky star-studded weekend vent in the first-class hotel owned by the Volkovs? They attend the wedding festivities where they are thrown one curve ball (or rather football bombers) after another and Penelope rolls with the punches.! Okay, enough of the spoilers. There are twists and turns so grab your blanket and curl up for this slow burn! This book contains one- bed trope, fake fiancée, player obsessed with his ex. Penelope is a young woman looking to get out of debt and wants to find someone worthy of her love.

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